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Work continues on The GREEDIOS and MagnetBoy.. playing the long game on those!

In the meantime I've been enjoying working with Matt Stapleton on his ideas which merge some of his favourite films with his own ideas of What if this happened? Or What if? Die Hard with zombies? Murray Futterman in WWii with Gremlins? 

We've now reached Chapter 6 of Die Hard of The Dead and are taking a break while the world gets back to 'normal'!


For Die Hard of the Dead we had some

extra special supporters join the horde,

becoming living dead works of art.

If you’d like to get a print ready digital file

of yourself as a zombie and feature in the comic,

then you can do so, right here right now!

There are 2 options:

Zombie You - a more 'realistic' undead version 

this includes a print ready file,

in Die Hard Of The Dead cover format 

and a time-lapse movie of the image being created!


Cartoon Zombie - a simpler, 'cartoonier' version

this includes a print ready file.

Both options require images of you,

(as many as you want) face and full body, ideally wearing clothes you might wear if you were in the mall at Christmas time,

or if you want to be someone that works in a shop - send details - and any extra requests - how zombied you are,

what injuries you might have etc. 

You can pose in your zombie stance if you want,

but that's not essential!

For either option, I can't say quite how you'll feature in the pages of the book yet, how quickly you may or may not be decapitated, or which Chapter you'll feature in,

depending on how Matt writes the story! 

I look forward to hearing from you and illustrating you as an undead being & becoming part of the comic!

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