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You can Join my Club!

(Price will rise yearly)


Becoming a member will get you:

Advanced notice of releases of works;

Discount codes for all art;

Member Only pages where you can read comics & view other content (to be added, over time);

and as a Thank You, you are able to download 2 mixes of music made by Mark Hooley, under a variety of guises:


an album of melancholica electronica, with some beats fo' yo' feets entitled 'Pocket Computer' by Bleak Treacle, 

and also a compilation of tracks made by some of the characters that will appear alongside MagnetBoy, in the (future release) comic - Insular Peninsular No.1 

There will also be member-only offers, such as:

becoming part of a project, combining portraiture and music;

and become a character in the ComicBook World of MagnetBoy - Insular Peninsular.

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