Contact me for commissions. From small sketch gifts, to large multi-media canvases.

Perhaps you'd like a family portrait or a cartoon illustration of your child, or friend?

Maybe a painting or drawing of your favourite movie star or singer?

Ooh! So many options!

All budgets are considered and can be discussed.

Mediums and styles I use include: Pencil, Watercolour, Ink, Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint, Pastels, Digital Design,

Mixed Media and Screen Printing.

Currently you can purchase a drawing of you (or chosen person) as a zombie for just £50! This will be available to you in the style of a Die Hard Of The Dead cover, as a print ready PDF and a timelapse process video!! Amazing! Disgusting...?

If you'd rather a regular style portrait - there are some new options below, digital and physical.

Scroll down for some images of examples of styles that aren't zombie horrific.

Zombie You


Digital Portrait


Physical Portrait


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