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Bloogy Logs

I'm having one of those art blocks. I've got loads on the go and don't know where to start, how to organise myself, which thing to do first... I like doing too many different things and feel constantly torn between what I should be doing. Sometimes I want to just give up and get a job and do my art as a hobby, so there's less pressure to be successful and earn money! Hopefully a little rant like this into the void will help me move past it and get on with all the good stuff! It's been commented by quite a few friends my site was much too wordy... so I changed the front page and plan to keep doing that as projects change.. I was quite happy with this little 'Welcome Hello' selection of work, so I thought I'd plonk it here for longevity..

but I'm changing it now to continue reminding the internet that I've made an album in aid of NHS Charities Together -

and you can pay what you want for it! Wonderful!

(If you like that kind of thing)

The Facebook and Instagram algorythms aren't generally working for me at the moment, so it feels like I'm shouting into a dark cave most of the time... I think I'll try to change things up a bit.. Hopefully I'll get more productive with it... it's been too much admin stuff recently.

Oh for a messy studio to chuck paint about in!

Moan over.

Back to the admin for a bit....

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