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Colouring Competition!

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

I think everyone should be very well practiced in Colouring-In after being stuck at home during Lockdowns for such a long time! I'm very curious about getting into the whole Crypto NFT world, but for now I'm sticking to scribbles on paper... *Edit* Submit by the 20th April :)

Here's a chance to win a variety of prints!

Download the artwork and choose which you'd like to colour - or do them all!

There are some light grey versions that will use less printer ink and you can make my images more-your-own by using them as a guide and add your own dark lines... Or use the dark versions if you like a nice solid black!

If you're lucky enough to have a tablet-thing with art apps, feel free to create digitally!

(Based on this and age groups - there may need to be multiple catagories)

The prizes relate to your choice:

Cubkids winner will win a "CubKids TIger" ScreenPrint //

MagnetBoy Colourist will win a "Life is Good!" ScreenPrint //

Gruesome GREEDIOS BREAKFAST mastery will receive a "Breakfast" ScreenPrint //

Run! Robot! will take home a newly hand-finished "Run!Robot!" ScreenPrint //

(**please note - I'm waiting to see the colouring to get some inspiration for this piece - it is not yet created - so the winner may have to wait a short time... this is also quite a large piece - in case you have limited wall space! )

AND there will be some runner-up "Let's Dance" ScreenPrints too!



UNDER 18s ONLY -- DEADLINE -- 14th April 2021

To enter you must subscribe to the website - or - follow @mark_hooley on instagram - this can be with a parent or adult's email or account if you don't have one.

email - save, photograph or scan your image & send to

instagram - tag @mark_hooley AND #markhooley #mnkyvision and the relevant image title #cubkids // #magnetboy // #greedios // #RunRobot

Please ensure images are less than 2mb in size.

Write your name & age on the image to fit into Age Categories.

Participants can enter as many images as they wish.

Winners will be announced 23rd April 2021

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