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No Blogs For 100 Years

I've never been very good at getting Organizized, so it's not a hhuuge suprise that I dind't manage to get many Blog posts done. So here's one for the hell of it and to try to break that habit! Now I'm expanding to release my own music and combine that with the art, so I'm busy learning what the heck to do and how best to do it! This means I've been creating a bit less art, but Lockdown has created questions and changes for many #creatives and making #music has always been a #therapy and a joy and it's helped me hugely during this time! Now to let the world hear it and not let if flop into the ether! First up will be some #electronica #edm tracks from Bleak Treacle to accompany the #portraitsforNHSheroes #portrait #art #project STAY TUNED YO! MNKY out... BOOM :)

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