I continue slow-multi tasking on The GREEDIOS, MagnetBoy, making music and other art. The #portraitsforNHSheroes became a bit of a passion and now I am extending it by creating Soundtracks of Support into an album or two,  to release to raise funds in aid of NHS Charities Together. 

More news on this coming soon...

I've included a new LIFELONG Members option, which gets you info of new works, discounts, free music, extra content and a delightful sense of belonging for a one-off very reasonable price!! There will be some new additions coming soon.


I saw that artist  Tom Croft was calling for artists to get involved in supporting NHS workers during the Corona Virus Pandemic. I was very pleased to get involved in showing my support to as many workers, creating as many portraits as I can manage during Lockdown - in appreciation of all they endure, putting themselves at risk, for the benefit of everyone else, in recognition of how essential they are and how they should receive better support and deserve a pay rise!
Search instagram with #portraitsfornhsheroes  to  see more. I wish I could do more to help & I'd love if these were physical paintings rather than digital, as I’m limited at home.. although it also means I can create more!

I've created over 50 now - and as mentioned I'm continuing this into a musical project...

I shared the 30second timelapse videos on Instagram with each image, if you like to watch these, you can now see the long versions on my Youtube Channel...

and you can buy the full digital pdf book here

with funds going straight to NHS Charities Together

so buy as many 'copies' as you like to share with your friends!

Portraits For NHS Heroes

Portraits For NHS Heroes


We Are All Made From The Same Dust...

I'm creating portraits using Procreate on the iPad. I love the time-lapse video you get after creating on the app...

I asked my Facebook group followers to provide me with photos and now have over one hundred to get through.

I have an end plan forming in my mind for this, but it is essentially  practicing painting portraits.

(It's not much like using real paint though, which I really miss - I'm looking forward to eventually finding a new studio!)

I've created some boundaries with colour, no 'undo' option, but I allow myself to break rules if I feel the need!

If you become a MNKYMember you can become a part of this practice portraiture at a very nice price - see more

We Are All Made From The Same Dust... The Musical

Well it's not a musical... yet.. but I've always wanted to combine my love of Music and Art, Sound and Vision.. and it seems to me these timelapse creation videos that Procreate on the iPad provides, are just crying out for a soundtrack... This is the first one I attempted, which I was commissioned for, as a birthday gift. If you're interested in this bespoke kind of wonderment - please get in touch. 

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