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Please note - Orders after December 18th won't get posted until February due to exciting travel plans...sorry




A chance to win a whole bunch of screenprints created under the guise of Miss Reg

Buy as many tickets as you like!  Tickets available until January 30th 2020.

Winner pulled out of the hat when I've reacclimatised from my trip to Asia!

View Details to see more of the prints in this marvellous offer! At least 6 cheeky hand pulled prints (possibly 7, is I can find the other one amongst my stockpile!) A little bit racey, some for the ladies, some for the men, or whatever rocks your boat! Titles such as "Sexy Moon Stripper", "Throne of Plenty", "Etiquette de Toilette","Roses for Poses", "Pop Sucks" and "Why Are Cigarettes Sexy?"

Christmas is the time of giving, so here's a gift! Well, sort's a raffle, like it says...

You gotta be in it to win it!

Good Luck!

*For details and sizes etc of prints in the bundle - please email me and I'll send it to you*

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