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We Are All Made From The Same Dust...

I'm creating portraits using Procreate on the iPad. I love the time-lapse video you get after creating on the app...

I asked my Facebook group followers to provide me with photos and now have over one hundred to get through.

I have an end plan forming in my mind for this, but it is essentially  practicing painting portraits.

(It's not much like using real paint though, which I really miss - I'm looking forward to eventually finding a new studio!)

I've created some boundaries with colour, no 'undo' option, but I allow myself to break rules if I feel the need!

If you become a MNKYMember you can become a part of this practice portraiture at a very nice price...

You can now see all the long timelapse videos on Youtube

We Are All Made From The Same Dust... The Musical

Well it's really not a musical... but I've always wanted to combine my love of Music and Art, Sound and Vision.. and it seems to me these timelapse creation videos that Procreate on the iPad provides, are just crying out for a soundtrack...


This below, is the first one I attempted, which was commissioned as a birthday gift.


If you're interested in this bespoke kind of wonderment - please get in touch.

If you'd like to see more examples head over to the YouTube Playlist

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